Michael Ellis Taylor | Top 10 Travel Items
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Top 10 Travel Items

Top 10 Travel Items

High Sierra Bag

I searched the world over for great wheeled carry-on duffel bags. After years of searching I snagged the long-discontinued Tumi 5552 Bag (somehow still brand new), for under $200 on eBay which for a long time was my whole grail of luggage. Before getting it though, I snagged premium sporting gear maker Thule’s wheeled split duffel, which is great, but honestly slightly larger than budget airline’s carryon limit, though I usually getaway with getting it on board, or convincing the gate or ticketing agents to check it for free. But hands down, the very very best bag to buy is High Sierra’s Elite Wheeled Duffel bag. Split duffel, rugged and stylish construction, fits all airline’s carryon limits (when it is not expanded), a bunch of storage compartments, hidden backpack straps… carried everything required for a month in Europe, on 17 separate flights, with nary a baggage fee paid (for this bag, anyway). If you find a better, more versatile bag, send me a message. Otherwise, these can picked up on eBay for under $130.

Travel Plug

I used to travel with a power strip, but after having a few confiscated in security lines (I’m looking at you, Dubai International), I went on a search the most compact solution. Specifically, I wanted something smaller than a PC Laptop charger (because Mac Laptop chargers are even smaller).  The AGPTek charger fits the bill perfectly. It has an international receptacle as well as 4 usb ports. The bonus is I get to leave all the different charger adapters at home, too.

International Adapter

The AGPTek charger has a US plug on it, so combining that with a single international adapter mean no matter where you are, you can charge all your devices.


Tiny MILC Camera

I still travel with my full size SLR camera, but if you want to save space, invest in an MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lense Camera). With photo quality to rival prosumer cameras, as well as the ability to swap out lenses for those great pictures with depth, this camera, will fit in your pocket or small purse (with standard sense attached).

With interchangabele lenses and an actual viewfinfer in a compact form, the Sony NEX-7, Sony or A6000 are both great investment

AirBorne (or Emergen-C)

Because, you know, people are gross. Protect yourself.

G.H. Bass Weejuns

Hemingway loved them in Cuba. JFK loved them sailing in Hyannis Port. You can wear them sockless with shorts or pair them with a dress casual suit. Bass Weejuns have been around for the better part of the last century for a reason: They are classic, timeless, versatile and most importantly, super comfortable, even walking around all day.

Unlocked WiFi Hotspot

A data sim card can be pretty cheap, especially when traveling through Asia, but I got tired of buying different wifi hotspot devices everywhere I went. I small investment in an unlocked data modem means you just have to land, find a mobile kiosk (often in the airports) and pay a few bucks to have a data plan that serves all your devices during your visit.

The Hame A19 is even better than what I was looking for, but is for a more advanced user. A portable 3G/4G router with DDWRT and VPN? Holy moly. With a USB port, it can act as a NAS. And it is a power bank and has NFC as well, though I haven’t figure out how that would be useful to me yet. I have not been able to find it in stores, but you can pick one up for about $50 on eBay.



Unlocked, sim compatible phone

My preference is an iPhone, but if you are android person, opt for a dual sim phone.

Three SIM Card

If you find yourself in the United Kingdom, stop by a Three Mobile Store. They have one of the best deals on the planet: UNLIMITED data for 20 pounds a month. Big deal right? But wait – it works in 18 countries, including the united states.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Pockettrip Hanging Toiletry Kit

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

Opt for 2TB, trust me.


Skooba Design Cable Stable DLX

Keep all the gear in one place


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